Music for “Pilgrimage”

The process for my current series of paintings and drawings has included commissioning three of my favorite ambient musicians to score the as-yet-to-be-determined exhibition. These four movements are their generous contributions. I’m honored to work with such talented musicians. They created these works in New York, Brazil, and Italy – all to musically describe a “pilgrimage”. I intend to have these sounds playing in the space that the work will be shown in and as an accompaniment to the book and/or catalog. Enjoy. My sincerest thanks to Black Swan, Gimu, and the Volume Settings Folder.


One thought on “Music for “Pilgrimage”

  1. Pilgrimage is a kind of masterpiece. I follow Gimu since months/years? I know and appreciate a lot Black Swan and The Volume Settings Folder.
    I just want to know if Pilgrimage will be available on CD/ vinyl/cs or simply as download on your Bandcamp or just for streaming on Soundcloud.
    I know (and you know, of course) many labels which would be very glad to out Pilgrimage.



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