December 20, 2006 – Fort Wayne Reader’s “2006 Arts Review” asks Charles A. Shepard III, executive director, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, “Which local artist most caught your attention this year? [Shepherd replies] Three people seemed head and shoulders above everyone this year – Kat Rohrbacher, Mee Kyung Shim, and Nathan Abels just burn the house down. Their minds are aflame, their individual mastery of their media is high, and their voices are fresher and more content-laden than anyone I saw in Chicago or New York this year. These three artists are intellectually nimble, aesthetically capable of walking the razor’s edge, and give us all reason to celebrate the fact that the raw strength of contemporary American Art is found not in the mythic urban jungle, but the heartland.”

June 2006 – Featured Artist in Fort Wayne Magazine

May 7, 2006 – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette does a “State of the Art” feature and includes myself with other local artists. Samual Hoffman of the Journal Gazette writes, “Abels’ attention to detail gives his work an almost photographic quality, with the depth and mood of an Edward Hopper painting.”


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