December 19, 2008 – Rocky Mountain News:

“Finally, in the far back space, Rule has moved into the realm of quasi-photography, with a shift into anti-photography, in a way. “Still,” a selection of acrylic-on-panel paintings by Colorado-based artist Nathan Abels, includes some of the highly representational works he does of the contemporary landscape and its built features.

But there also are grayed- or browned-out scenes – View From a Train is the major example – that add a component of abstraction to a body of work by a young artist who has an eye for where and how we live and how we perceive our surroundings.

It adds to the mystery of what, in essence, is a trip through time and the evolution of technology, and vision.”



November 18, 2008 – Denver Connects writes,

“In the back of the gallery, Nathan Abel’s Stills showcase all-to-real scenes of lonely office buildlings, a hushed house, and blank, white trucks lined up on a street. Beautifully rendered, the scenes evoke both a sense of familiarity and loneliness. Evoking the solitary sense of suburban and even urban landscapes, the paintings are haunting, comforting, and at the same time disquieting. Staring at them in the series, I was reminded of the great David Byrne film True Stories, as they both capture the ennui, dread, and strange beauty of the human landscape so perfectly.

The shows run at Rule through Jan. 10th and are definitely something to see.”

11_10_08_dear ada

November 10, 2008Dear Ada writes, “I really do adore the subject matter he explores, the architecture and landscapes of modern life, all beautifully rendered and conceived. It doesn’t get much better than this as far as I’m concerned.”


September 19, 2008 – Image in Rocky Mountain News

humanist_magazineThe Humanist - Sept/Oct

September/October Issue of Humanist Magazine – Image credit.

August 28, 2008 Rocky Mountain News, “Eco-Centric”(pdf) Mary Voelz Chandler writes,”Across from Feige’s work are three paintings by Nathan Abels that offer a different view of his talents. Viewers familiar with Abels’ almost-exaggerated archtectural views will see a different side to this Denver-based artist in three new landscapes that capture both the potentially destructive power of nature (Without Haste, But Without Rest) and its beauty (Monument).”


August, 2008 Issue – Artist Profile, “Vantage Point” – written by Katie Taft in First Issue of Modern in Denver Magazine

July, 2008University of St. Francis, BroadStrokes Vol. IX, Issue I.


July 16, 2008Design Crisis mentions my Tiny Showcase print


June 27, 2008C-Monster

June 10, 2008 – Ken Hamel, Director of DenverArts.org writes, “And seeing the works up close did not disappoint: the pieces are like a cinematic travelogue through a monochromatic storyline whose characters are trees, construction sites and fading horizons.”


June 6, 2008 -Kelly Lynn Jones of Little Paper Planes Blog writes, “look at these rich, yummy oil paintings below! Those darks he has are just so intense…”


June 3, 2008C-Monster Calendar


May 22, 2008Leah Giberson writes, “It’s not often that I have such a physical and emotional response to a piece of art, but this was one I couldn’t get over.”



May 20, 2008 – Featured on Tiny Showcase


May 20, 2008OMG Posters


March 18, 2008C-Monster.net


March 12, 2008The Aesthetist features my work

March 2, 2008Twenty2wo Blog describes me as a “multi-disciplinary artist covering paint and drawing to photography and video”

March 1, 2008Artist A Day feature

February 17, 2008Hess&Hodi writes, “he’s had a smattering of solo and group shows, and to anyone who worries his work is a bit stagnated, take a look at the review of his most recent show “a portrait of the artist as a young pigeon”. it’s a dramatic departure, but thematically relevant to his work and illustrative of my suspicion that he has an exciting career ahead.”

February 13, 2008 – Katie Taft for ThisWeekinDenver reviews my exhibition with Chris Faller called “Grisaille” in an article called “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Pigeon”, writing “Don’t miss this show. It is really one of the most intelligent that I’ve seen this year, and beautifully executed as well.”

February 5, 2008Beacon Street Design features my work

January 10, 2008 – Michael Paglia of Denver’s Westword reviews the Plus Gallery show “Twinkle, Twinkle”, briefly writing, ” I also liked the drawings and the single painting depicting tract houses by Nathan Abels”



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