December 27, 2009Denver Post Fine Arts Critic Kyle MacMillan named me Emerging Artist of the Year! He writes,

Abels, a promising 29-year-old artist who moved to Denver in 2007, grabbed the local art scene’s attention in January with a solo exhibition of paintings at Rule Gallery that exuded an alluring sense of emotional detachment and mystery. An additional boost came last spring when Heinrich awarded him a juror honorable mention at the Foothills Art Center’s “Colorado Art Open.”


April 10 – Denver Post, “Art show strikes a happy medium in quantity, quality”

“Nathan Abels, an emerging Denver artist featured in January in a stunning solo exhibition at the Rule Gallery, is no doubt pleased he entered the open. He won the juror honorable mention from Heinrich, a nice seal of approval.”


March 9-16 – Blog press for new Print:

The Knack, Automatism, OMG Posters, Postcards from Colorado, Happy Mundane, The Scoop, Twentytwo blog, Design Milk , Design for Mankind; This Week in Inspiration, Things magazine, Design Crisis


February 24, 2009 – Fort Wayne Reader; Nathan Abels: Expatriate

“At 28 years of age, Abels’ is right on track to have a very nice career, being that a general rule of thumb is “representation at 30, museums by 40, making money in your 50’s, and retrospectives soon after”. Hopefully Fort Wayne will be lucky enough to see more of Nathan Abels work in the future, and we can revel in the gorgeous works of one of our expatriate artists.”

February 6, 2009 – Booooooom!


January 15, 2009  – Denver Post: Nathan Abels’ Own Stamp

“…the young artist successfully marries concept with craft, matching his distinctive creative vision with deft, well-honed paint-handling skills.

‘Stills’ demonstrates again that gallery owner Robin Rule’s eye for talent remains keen. Abels possesses all the ingredients necessary for a significant artistic career.”

pdf of article


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