June 10, 2010, “Black and White Shines at Foothills Art Center”, Michael Paglia from the Denver Westword reviewed the “Stark” show at Foothills Art Center, saying of my work;

“the exhibit begins with some remarkable, barely-there drawings by Nathan Abels. ‘City Park Morning’ is so faint, it takes a moment or two to come into focus; it’s almost as if Abels has simply exhaled graphite. An apparition-like video of his exudes a similar faintness.”

March/April 2010, “Eden is Burning” by George Melrod, Art Ltd.

“Denver artist Nathan Abels paints cryptic scenes deconstructing the interstices of natural and human habitation, where mysterious wilderness intersects with quotidian society. Hints of danger abound…”

March 17, 2010, The Untitled Art Show Podcast, episode #60
March 5, 2010 “2 exhibits celebrate art of enigma”, Denver Post – POST_article_3-5-2010

After a break-out debut exhibition last year at the Rule Gallery that made clear his abundant promise, Abels is back for a well-deserved encore…

The Lifted Brow Magazine, Issue No. 6, 2010
Call Me Vain Magazine, Issue No. 8, 2010

January/February 2010 – Issue 84 of New American Paintings

Natural Causes pdf Catalog (click to download pdf)

  • The 20 page pdf catalog includes installation images, images of my work, and images of the works in the curated show. The curated group show is made up of site-specific work by Mindy Bray, paintings from New York artists Jason Stopa and Eric LoPresti, photographs by German photographer Alexander Binder, works on paper by Alan Kitchen, and new bronze work by Yoshitomo Saito.
  • Also included is a curatorial statement by me, and an introductory essay by Christopher Reiger, and excerpts from the Denver Post article reviewing the curated show.

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